Our Homes

Christopher House

Christopher House members, Cody and Andrea, were inspired to create their own video after seeing a video created by community members in L’Arche Cape Breton.

On February 15, 2008, we welcomed our first core member into Christopher House, our first L’Arche home, and L’Arche Saskatoon was born!  Christopher House is now home to four core members and four assistants and is a busy but well-rooted home. The name “Christopher House” was first suggested because the home is located on Christopher Lane.  We chose the name (which means “bearer of Christ”) in light of the legend of Saint Christopher, which tells of the saint carrying an unknown child across a river–a child that later revealed himself as Christ.  In L’Arche, we seek to support each person’s unique spiritual journey, acknowledging that each of us bears the image of God.     


Circle Drive Alliance Church
3035 Preston Ave. South


L’Arche Saskatoon
P.O. Box 23006
Saskatoon, SK
S7J 5H3