Activity Groups

Alma Group

Participants in the Alma Group are supported to engage in meaningful activities at home and in the broader Saskatoon community.

The group takes life at a slower pace suited to the interests and needs of the group’s aging core members. Each day offers new opportunities for the core members to pursue activities that connect with their gifts and interests. The group enjoys having coffee in different local cafés, exploring the neighbourhood, and creating art together. Some core members especially enjoy the soothing and stimulating environment of a local Snoezelen room; others take pride in brewing coffee and serving others a fresh cup after lunch.  While the group’s three regular participants live in a L’Arche home, the group has recently started welcoming individuals from other groups for a few days each week.

Featured story

Seher and Milton have spent a lot of time getting to know each other since he came to L’Arche from Valley View Centre. Since moving to Saskatoon, Milton has had the opportunity to visit many new restaurants and try a wide range of interesting new foods. Seher discovered that Milton loves spicy food–Indian butter chicken is a particular favourite!


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