The Heart of L’Arche

Our Homes

Home life is at the heart of L’Arche.

Have you ever wondered what one of our homes looks like inside? Join Brock on a tour of his home!

 L’Arche Saskatoon has two homes in which people with intellectual disabilities (our “core members”) and those who assist them (our “assistants”) share daily life together.  Our homes look and feel like typical family homes, with all of the joys, satisfactions, and routines associated with regular family life. Residents prepare and share meals, plan outings, do dishes, go for walks, and pray together.  Our homes are places of welcome where families and friends often come by for supper, birthday parties, and other celebrations.  And, as our two homes are only one block apart from each other, there is a lot of visiting and sharing of meals that happens!

L’Arche Saskatoon actively fosters an intentional community life that includes not only the core members and assistants who reside in our homes, but also other community members who participate regularly with our residents in the shared life of our wider L’Arche community.

Both of our homes are wheelchair accessible and are licensed by the Ministry of Social Services.  We maintain high standards of care provision, and the supports we provide to our core members are rooted in a philosophy of person-centeredness.    


Circle Drive Alliance Church
3035 Preston Ave. South


L’Arche Saskatoon
P.O. Box 23006
Saskatoon, SK
S7J 5H3