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Alma House

A beautiful home full of laughter and celebrations, Alma House is a place that is fruitful, as its name suggests. “Alma” means “apple” in Hungarian, and Alma House has a large crab apple tree in the backyard which produces an abundant harvest every fall.  The word “alma” also has different meanings in other languages: it means “nourishing” in Latin, “soul” in Spanish, and “on the water” in Arabic. The fact that the word “alma” appears in several languages nicely reflects the multicultural reality of our L’Arche homes–many of our assistants come to L’Arche from other countries. Alma House has been a home to four core members and four assistants since it first opened in 2016.

Featured story

Russ and Yvonne share about their experience of L’Arche and what living in a L’Arche home has meant for their son, Christopher.


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